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Air Duct Testing Services

Phoenix air duct testing is one of the best ways to gain insight about your heating and cooling needs.

There are many AC problems that stem from leaky air ducts or dirty air ducts. Your indoor air quality may be suffering, which is why residents of the Phoenix area should consider air duct testing for the home or office. Air duct testing is one of the best ways to determine how efficiently your HVAC system is operating.

Duct testing finds the weak points in your ductwork where air is escaping so that they can be repaired. If your duct is leaking, between 10-30% of air is lost which means lost money on your heating and cooling costs. The only way to know for sure is through duct testing which finds the problem and lets the technician know exactly where duct sealing or repairs or needed. Cooper Climate Control uses only the best duct testing equipment and techniques to detect when duct sealing, duct repair, replacement or cleaning might be necessary

Duct testing can tell us a great deal about your AC system. Buildup could include mold, fungi, bacteria, and small particles of dust. People with asthma or other respiratory problems may be unknowingly exposed to these contaminants and have their conditions worsened. Once you know more about your air ducts, we can work together to develop a plan of remediation.

Clean air is important in a city like Phoenix. The Environmental Protection Agencyprovides examples of instances when you should get your air ducts checked:

  1. Vermin, insect or rodent infestations
  2. Visible dust is released from the air exiting your vents.
  3. Mold is discovered in the home

If you think your home or business needs duct testing or a thorough duct cleaning, schedule an inspection with one of our technicians at Cooper Climate Control today. We’ll take a look at your ductwork and your HVAC components to let you know which services would benefit your home or business. Call us or fill out our contact form to schedule your Phoenix air duct testing today.

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